Guitarspy TF Guidelines

First of all, thank you for considering doing a shoot for Guitarspy.

CONCEPT: The shoot will be on the sexier side, style wise (rock and roll outfit/costume, boudoir, bikini, implied if comfortable) with a guitar. We can provide the guitar if needed. A 3-4 minute video of the shoot will also be posted.

COMPENSATION: TF*. The site is 100% free so we don’t make money off it. We do not give out a disc of all the images from the shoot. You will get 12 post-processed, high quality jpgs. You will have the pics in 2 to 3 weeks guaranteed. The edits for these images will be very basic, slight contrast, color, sharpness. We will need you to sign a model release (promotional only) before the shoot. The pictures will never be used for profit without your consent. You are welcome to sell prints of the photos. You can also post the photos on your social media. They don’t have to be exclusive to our website. Just give us credit and a link to the site when you post.

STYLIST: Wardrobe, hair and makeup are not provided, unless stated. Please be hair and makeup ready when you get to the shoot.

LOCATION:  We rent studios/houses to shoot in. Or we can come to you if you have a location. Of course you are always welcome to bring an escort, as long as they don’t get in the way of the shoot.

TIME: Two hour shoot, anytime after 2pm. We are usually available weekdays, Mon to Thur and some Sundays.

Thanks for taking the time to read the guidelines. Please let us know if you decide to do the shoot.